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As a business leader, I always have Nina…. at the top of my mind, when I need clarity and alignment, helping me become a better leader, and build my own dream team. I have recently participated on her Mastermind Program, and could not more satisfied with the results obtained.

Jayme Lima Neto

Director of Network Deployment at American Express Business Travel

Nina was instrumental in providing me with a sounding board for strategic decision making. She also helped me identify skills I did not know I had – and help me tap into talents to motivate and lead for results. Nina helped me navigate the challenges my organization is facing while understanding my role and how I am part of the solution. I now feel part of a team that will move the company forward and in the right direction.  I strongly recommend Nina as an Executive Coach. She is a careful listener, incredibly effective in helping you identify what is important, and has an innate ability to help you stay focused on what is most important – to yourself – and the Company as a whole.

M. Lucia Franciulli

CPA National Director – Revenue Cycle Management MEDNAX Health Solutions Partner

Nina inspires the high-potential to become the high-performing. A skilled and tough sherpa on your climb, Nina will hold you accountable to greatness within yourself. Whether guiding you through doubt or provoking humility when ego obstructs growth, Nina becomes a voice in your mind as you fight for your well-deserved success. As a builder of powerful crews, Nina will expand your network of influencers exponentially.

Eric Reibsane

MBA - Principal, Liberty Advisor Group

Nina is one of a kind. I worked with Nina at American Express and have stayed in contact with her ever since. She is extremely professional, yet touches you on a personal level with her understanding and caring for you as a professional. Your success is her goal, and she is one of the best I have met at making sure what you want to achieve is successful

Tim Dokken

VP - Global Technology Delivery Merrill Corporation

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I really valued how Nina was able to help me see how my business and personal qualities are integrated; I learned how frequently improvement in one area resulted in the betterment of the other. For my personal preference, I felt that Nina struck the perfect balance between being progressive and thinking outside the box, while still leveraging the practicality that her corporate background lent to the situation. Nina is encouraging and compassionate, but also didn’t shy away from challenging me when I needed to be held accountable to myself. I recommend contacting Nina for a sample session and you can see for yourself whether she is the right fit for you.

Jay Rooke

J.D. Attorney-turned-Executive/Business Coach

Nina coached me through a difficult job transition a few years ago. She displayed an uncanny ability to bring clarity to my own thoughts. Through her probing and exercises, I was able to distill what I wanted to do, and what I needed to do in terms of a career, and that knowledge brought my confusion and stress to a manageable level. Nina uses her business background in analysis, change management and process thinking and applies it to life situations – where you are, where you want to be, and how best to get there. Her focus on the “getting there” is to use your own resources and creativity.  It’s difficult to find an ally who will both support you and challenge you. Nina does both in a friendly and professional manner. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Mary Berger

Process Manager at Land O'Lakes

Nina Segura is a very talented coach! She has an in-depth knowledge of the techniques of co-active coaching plus an intuitive ability to hone in on what is really going on. She is awesome and amazing….And lots of fun to be around!


Human Engineering NASA

Nina is one of the best consultants I worked with. She is highly analytical and able to recommend a path to success even in a very difficult situation. Nina showed me and my organization a way to multiply the bottom line in a highly effective way. I was amazed by Nina’s professional attitude and how fast she could undertake and deliver a very detailed analysis and present it in a very insightful way.

Csilla Andersen

Sr. Product Strategist at Dolby Laboratories

Nina tailors her methodologies in exceptional and unique ways to bring value to her clients and their staff. I was very fortunate to have worked with Nina and highly recommend her in every way.

Michael Crosnick

Healthcare Project / Process Management Professional

I highly recommend Nina… She has proven to be an engaged and passionate member of any organization she supports. I met Nina while working as a Director of Business Process Improvement at American Express. She immediately showed her passion for Organizational Design work and became the change management leader on the team. Nina supported me in several key areas, including: project management support for an extensive CMMI benchmarking project that identified over $200 Million of savings by restructuring software development processes.

Daniel Bovarnick

Chief Financial Officer at Rapid Capital Funding (Former Director of AET Global Reengineering)

I have worked with Nina for over two years…She constantly pushes the envelope, always trying another way until success is attained. She is creative and innovative in her idea generation and applies critical and strategic thinking to all situations. She is not only an advocate of the five disciplines of organizational learning but has astute competences from a systems perspective in each (systems thinking, shared vision, team learning, mental models and personal mastery). Great team player and fun to work with – a real energizer bunny!

Dave Koehn

PhD--Council Member & Secretary at Society for Organizational Learning North America

Nina co-facilitated process modeling workshops for the development of Hewlett Packard’s Global Marketing Enterprise Architecture. Through these workshops HP realized a conservative $67 Million save in operating expenses within the first year.

Teresa Patrick

Hewlett Packard Global Marketing Operations

While with American Express, Nina and her team received the Chairman’s Premier Tier 1 Award for mapping the technical requirements for the Dispute Handling System.   The net effect of Nina’s efforts was an estimated savings of $10M dollars a year.

Susie Erskine

American Express

I was impressed that Nina took full responsibility; not as a contractor or temporary help. They put in time and effort above what was expected of a coach or trainer, staying late or starting meeting early, if necessary.  They made the relationship easy by developing a good rapport with both the client and employees.

S. L.

Director, Organizational Development Kaplan Inc

Nina helped me focus my team on our customer experience! In an internet world, you have to be ready to create an “ah ha” moment whenever the customer calls which is not that often these days. now we are focused on the customer not on our processes and we are enjoying our interactions even more! Thank you Nina Segura, MA

Ann Machado CTS CSP

Creative Staffing CEO and Chief Recruiter

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