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That’s SO 2017!

For some of us 2017, ended with a huge, overwhelming to do list. You may have found yourself burned out, stressed out and strongly considering moving to a foreign country! Perhaps your business goals didn’t meet your expectations and you’re questioning your ability to...

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Stop Losing Your Best Employees!

Stop Losing Your Best Employees! Are you tired of investing your time and energy training good people only to have them go to another company? Or worse yet, they go to another company and then they try to poach more of your good people! If you’re wondering how to stop...

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Is it Lonely at the Top? – A Closer Look!

It’s only lonely at the top, IF you don’t align yourself with a capable and committed Crew!

Successful Business Leaders KNOW that they don’t have to go at it alone and engage with their Crew in the form of coaches, mentors, and other OBJECTIVE leaders.

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Where do the Butterflies Go? Boca Raton!

I want to tell you a leadership story, and you’re probably going to laugh. You may already know that I have a butterfly garden. A few weeks ago, we had the largest bunch of monarch caterpillars that I’ve seen…

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I Hear Voices and Admit It… So Do You!

When I was about seventeen, my friend Donna and I decided to travel to the cornerstone musical festival in Chicago. I was complaining about something or other, like any happy teenager often does (sarcasm). Donna listened…

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Am I the only poor kid

sorry to see Sears go? Maybe you grew up as I did where shopping at Sears was reserved for “special occasions” like going back to school. You don’t need a process engineering background to understand that Sears DOESN’T keep their prices competitive because they have…

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Protecting Your Future

Hey everyone, my friend and amazing writer Kim Galor wrote a Story about someone super special, Steve Daley.

The story of Steve, founder and leading educator in an organization that empowers kids to protect themselves against violence…

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The Path to Super Leadership: Eron’s Story

Ready for some inspiration? Here’s a story from Eron Cummings, Vice President, Software Development and Architecture at Kaplan who was interviewed by Kim Galor. “Like scores of other professionals who were loyally employed by the same…”

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